Feds may not check social media, but employers do …

Remember the post-San Bernardino revelation that DHS doesn’t check social media before granting visas because applicants might think that their privacy is being violated.

Well, guess what.

Employers don’t feel the same need to tread lightly when vetting job applicants.

To that point. according to a  2015 Harris poll, a majority of employers (52%, to be precise) use social networking sites to screen job candidates during the hiring process. Source



Specifically, what are employers looking for?


According to a Huffington Post survey of employers, they’re looking for bright red flags, including …

  • “Disparities between the candidate’s submitted resume (or the one posted on a job board), and their LinkedIn profile.“
  • “Inappropriate comments about the applicants current  or past employer … an automatic red flag.”
  • “A picture of the applicant doing a keg stand or lighting it up at a hemp fest”
  • “Hate speech  is an immediate deal breaker for me. Drug references are also frowned upon.”
  • “Boasting about current or previous criminal history is a big turn off.”

Do folks really need to be coached to keep from boasting about their criminal history?


On the plus side, employers get a warm feeling if they see:

  • “How often has this candidate endorsed colleagues and junior staff?”
  • “Is he or she engaged in thoughtful discussions regarding key content areas?”
  • “Is he tweeting thoughtful content relevant to our industry? Is she being re-tweeted?“
  • “Giving back to the community through volunteer work, or being on the local school or library board tells me more than just following a sports team does.”


Just keep in mind, even if the Feds won’t check … potential employers will.

If you don’t want them to see it, don’t post it!


Note: MSB MBA alum Jennifer Folsom — Senior Manager of Human Capital, Summit Consulting – had the most thoughtful responses to the Huff Post article.

Way to go, Jenn



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