Marco: Here’s what you should have said …

Disclaimer: I’m a Rubio fan since he has brains & stage presence (usually) … which should translate to electability.

So, I was stunned that he was under-prepped for Saturday’s debate … and got steam-rolled by Christie.

Christie’s points re: accomplishments, accountability and leadership are legitimate … and certainly should have been expected.



Obviously, Marco could have handled the onslaught more effectively.

Here’s how …


My reply would have been …

Chris, I agree with you wholeheartedly leadership and accountability … and your criticisms of President Obama.

With respect to to leadership and accountability, your performance as Governor seems to mirror Obama’s as President.

Two-thirds of the people in America now think that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

According to the most recent polls , 2/3s of the people in your state think that New Jersey is moving in the wrong direction.

And, President Obama’s overall approval rating – while below 50% – is actually much higher than your your approval rating which appears to be hovering in the mid-30s.

That difference probably explains why you walked the beaches with Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

What does that say about your leadership … and what about your dismal accountability ratings.

Is that the kind of leadership and accountability that you think the country need?




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