If it hadn’t been such a tragic week, this stuff would be (damn) funny …

The Brussels terrorists’ attacks were were an immense tragedy … to be taken seriously.

You wouldn’t know it, given some of the past week’s noteworthy dumb & dumber happenings.

Let’s start with the UK’s response to the bombings.

Did the Brits make any notable raids to crack the terrorists’ network of killer cells.

Nope, instead of going for the jugular, UK authorities went for the capillaries and arrested some dude for for making an inappropriate, potentially anti-Islamic tweet:



The charges were eventually dropped, but please tell me, how does law enforcement prioritize chasing insensitive tweeters over cold-blooded killers?

Maybe it has to do with the UK police patrolling with 1 bullet less than Barney Fife.

Tweeters are probably “safe stops” … cold-blooded killers, not so easy.

Or, maybe the world is just going completely wacky.  A couple of more examples …


Assume you’ve heard about the ever threatening “chalkings” at Atlanta’s Emory University.

One or more perps scribbled pro-Trump slogans like “Trump 2016” on university walks and steps.




Understandably (<= sarcasm), some students claimed that the chalking scared them, violated their “safe zones”, caused them emotional distress, and clamored for the University to take swift, draconian action.


Rather than laugh it off, the University president got on board, offering troubled students emergency psychological counseling and vowing to personally review campus security videos to ID the unconscionable offenders and,  if students, subject them to severe discipline, possibly expulsion.


For an interesting take on this one see the (left-leaning) Atlantic article “How Emory’s Student Activists Are Fueling Trumpism”


Finally, I can’t resist … President Obama’s actions immediately following the Brussels bombings.

You can pick which was less sensitive ….

(a) Dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires … memorably photo-captured for posterity:



(b) Doing the baseball game wave with Cuban tyrant Raul Castro:



I pick (b) – doing the wave.


First, I can see how it would have been hard to turn down the dancer’s invitation to Tango.

After all, men can be boys, right?

Second, the now infamous wave made me look at the game photos … and pushed one of my hot buttons.

Check out the woman on the left.


Most of the published photos discretely cropped her out of the picture.

Who is she?

Security Adviser Susan Rice?


Attorney General Lynch?


It’s Obama’s mother-in-law.

Michelle’s mommy.

My question: How many of our tax dollars were wasted hauling her butt along on these junkets?

Gimme a break.


As I said above, if it weren’t such a tragic week, this stuff would be (damn) funny …

But, it was a tragic week, so we just have to scratch our heads and wonder: “Is the world going completely wacky?”



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One Response to “If it hadn’t been such a tragic week, this stuff would be (damn) funny …”

  1. David Page Says:

    Just more and more proof the world is moving half “A” backwords. It also gives one a sense that Common Sense is not common.

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