Test your nuke-knowledge …

Last week President Obama hosted a nuclear containment summit and Candidate Trump expressed support for letting countries like Japan develop nuclear weapons.

In casual conversations, I opined that the nuclear gaffe (if it was one), would hurt Trump because the average American voter has no idea which countries do and do not have nuclear weapons now.

I think that I and my fellow discussants are usually “in the know” on current political topics.

Still, we traded comments and questions like:

  • “I was surprised that Japan didn’t have nukes”
  • “Do France or the UK have them?”
  • “What about Israel?”



You get the point.

Now it’s your turn.

No Googling or peeking !

I’ll even state the question to give you a hint:

What 9 countries currently have nuclear weapons?


The simple answer is that 9 countries currently have known nuclear weapons:

United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea




But, according to ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nukes), the “problem” spans much wider than the 9 countries above.

In addition to the 9 …

Five European nations “host” US nuclear weapons on their soil as part of a NATO nuclear-sharing arrangement.

Roughly two dozen other nations claim to rely on US nuclear weapons for their security.




And,  there are many nations with nuclear power or research reactors capable of being diverted for weapons production.

“The spread of nuclear know-how has increased the risk that more nations will develop the bomb.”

Think they’re talking about Iran?

Oh yeah, not-to-worry, Iran signed the “Deal”




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2 Responses to “Test your nuke-knowledge …”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    As having been once participated in safeguarding and operational planning of all NATO nuclear weapons in Southern Europe (they have since been removed) I know these devices are well protected. I am less concerned with the actual nuclear weapons than with offensive use of the toxic by-products of producing both nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation. Especially if you include nuclear waste from power plants, which is not well protected, the threat expands exponentially.

  2. Rob Marshall Says:

    Google the song Who’s Next by Tom Lehrer. As a kid, I learned who had the bomb from the lyrics.

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