Howard Stern’s rant … a turning point in the gun control debate?

Let the sheep defend themselves from the wolves …


Talk about contrasts.

Yesterday, President Obama gave an uninspiring blah-blah speech to Orlando survivors and their families.

His focus wasn’t on the terrorist threat or Islamic homophobia.

Nope, he flashed his favorite shiny object: gun control.

Suffice it to say that I was unconvinced by his rhetoric.


In contrast, Howard Stern went off on gun control with a compelling riff that has started to go viral.



Here’s the essence of Stern’s commentary  …


Drawing an analogy, Stern characterized citizens as sheep.

The terrorists & gang-thugs are predator-wolves.

The government is the shepherd.

The military and the police are sheepdogs … charged with keeping the flock safe.


The wolves are increasing in numbers … constantly attacking the flock … killing off the herd.

The shepherd is looking the other way … letting the wolves multiply … and trying not to anger them.

There are too few sheepdogs … their numbers are being reduced … and they’re considered guilty until proven innocent when they pick off a predator.

So, the sheep are rising up … arming themselves for self-defense.

And, what’s the shepherd’s response?

Taking away guns from the sheep who are trying to keep the wolves at bay.

Stern asks: does that make sense?


Think about it.

According to the CIA, ISIS is stronger than ever … and shifting the war-front to our homeland.

According to the FBI, there are terrorist cells in practically every major city … and their numbers are increasing.

The military is being reduced … by hundreds of thousands of fighters.

Police are constantly being told to “stand down” rather than confront thugs … and are demonized when they try to take protective action.

Stern may have a point … the sheep may be the defense of last resort … and “bang-bang” is more effective than “baa-baa”.

Now, that makes sense, doesn’t it?


For the record: I’ve never owned a gun or even shot a gun … and I don’t plan to do either.  But, I’m big on Constitutional rights — even ones that I disagree with …


Unfortunately, XM-Sirius has blocked the link to  Stern’s riff (dumb move on their part!) .  Still,  I think the material is going to resonate with folks.



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2 Responses to “Howard Stern’s rant … a turning point in the gun control debate?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Do guns really make sheep safer? Or is it more true that guns in the hands of untrained sheep kill more sheep than any other group? It is hard to determine because the NRA and Congress have suppressed collecting meaningful data on handgun injuries but the data that is available points to a different conclusion then Stern’s hypothetical rift.

  2. Al Says:

    When 99.9% of the times guns are used by the sheep to intentionally or accidentally kill other sheep Ken, at record numbers, and the real wolves the NRA laugh all the way to the bank, your support of this analogy is exposed as a fallacious one Ken. Zero sense in fact. Guns on the streets do not solve the problem clearly, they make it worse. Look at what happened in Australia in the 90s when guns were taken off the streets to see possible results.

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