Cruz: “Because I’m a man of my word” … oh, really?

Why did Ted Cruz give the kind of speech he did at the RNC convention … and refuse to endorse Trump?

In a news conference Thursday, Cruz asserted that he it was because he’s “a man of principle who keeps his word.”


Remember that pesky pledge that all of the GOP candidates signed saying that they’d support the party’s nominee?

That was an not-so-clever ploy to keep Trump from running as a 3rd party candidate.

Never did the 15 losers think that the tables would turn and they’d be signing a commitment to support Trump.




Cruz got a chance to clarify during the Fox News debate:

BAIER: Senator Cruz, yes or no, you will support Donald Trump is he’s the nominee?

CRUZ: Yes, because I gave my word that I would.

Oops again.

So Ted, you’re a man of your word unless …

Now, tell me again why we should ever believe a word you say?


For the record, I was a Rubio fan … with Cruz and Kasich my runners-up.

I really did think that they were me of their word.

Not so much any more.


I don’t think so.



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