The Presidential race has gone from amusing to scary …

Yesterday, we channeled a WSJ opinion piece by Peggy Noonan.

Her takeaway point:

I end with a word that speaks of the moment we’re in.

It is “kakistocracy.”

From the Greek, it means government by the worst persons, by the least qualified or most unprincipled.

We’re on our way there, aren’t we?

Yes, Peggy, we are.

Let’s do a quick recap of yesterday’s news.




The guy didn’t just “attend” the rally.

He was ushered to a VIP seat right behind the podium.

Team Clinton – which bills itself as a disciplined political machine and is known to script everything — says that they didn’t know who the guy was and that he just slipped behind the podium unnoticed.

Yeah, right.

BTW: Survivors of the massacre were invited guests at the rally.

In classic understatement, the media reported that they were “disappointed”.



That would have been the story of the day if Trump had just stayed in bed.

But, he didn’t … and seriously gaffed again.


As the WSJ put it:

Donald Trump, confounding the hopes of Republicans who want him to run a more measured presidential campaign, touched off another firestorm Tuesday with an off-the-cuff remark that critics interpreted as inciting violence against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


Team Trump spun the crack as a call for bloc voting against Hillary … not a call for violence.

Even with that “clarification”, it was a jaw-dropping remark.


Those were the 2 featured stories yesterday.

Just in case you didn’t notice … there were a couple of other stunners.

Here’s a sample.


In the local section of the Washington Post:


Short version of the story: Seth Rich – who worked as a DNC staffer — was gunned down in D.C.

The case is still unsolved.

So, why would WiliLeaks post a reward?


Julian Assange – leader of WikiLeaks – intimated on Dutch TV that it was Rich – not the Russians –who handed WikiLeaks the 20,000 emails that “embarrassed” the DNC by showing that the DNC was conspiring against Bernie Sanders.

Assange said that Wiki needed to step forward because other of their sources are getting nervous about possible retaliation for their leaks.

This is getting surreal, right?


Here’s another that you may have missed:


According to left-leaning Politico:

The complaint alleges that Clinton’s “negligent and reckless actions” were “directly and proximately” responsible for their children’s deaths.

Specifically, the complaint says:

It is highly probable, given Defendant Clinton’s history of reckless handling of classified information, that Defendant Clinton, as Secretary of State, sent and received information about Ambassador Christopher Stevens and thus the U.S. Department of State activities and covert operations that the deceased were a part of in Benghazi, Libya.

This information was compromised from the second that it left Defendant Clinton’s private e-mail server and easily found its way to foreign powers.

Watch this one carefully.

As we’ve posted before, the intersection of Benghazi and the email fiasco may be the “direct evidence” that Comey missed.


Continuing on:


These 50 “experts” are probably right concluding that Trump is a risk to world stability, but …

Paraphrasing Trump’s retort:

“Aren’t they the people who set the world on fire?”


Not to be out-done:


Some of Hillary’s deleted emails have been “discovered”.

And, oh yeah, they seem to reveal that (1) all the deleted emails were wedding plans and yoga routines, and (2) there seems to be some overlap between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.



Bottom line:

Up to yesterday, I thought the Presidential race was pretty entertaining.

Now, on a non-partisan basis, I think we’ve hit a tipping point and the candidates –- both of them — have gone from amusingly weird and corrupt … to downright scary.

Why do I think that this story isn’t going to have a happy ending?



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One Response to “The Presidential race has gone from amusing to scary …”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    It’s not unusual to vote for the lesser of two evils and this year it’s no different. But to me Hillary is far scarier than Trump. At least with Trump we’ll get good people in key positions and we known the kind of persons he would appoint to the Supreme Court. He is his own worst enemy but at least he’s not our enemy. Hillary is. GO TRUMP!

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