Tell me again: When did Dems start thinking that Russia was a threat?

This recent brouhaha about General Flynn chatting up the Russian ambassador seems  to have stoked new flames for hair-on-fire Dems.


Let’s go back a few years.

Remember the 2012 Presidential debates?

A key moment was when President Obama ridiculed Gov. Romney’s knowledge of foreign affairs.

Given Democrats reaction to recent events, this clip is a classic …  try to stay calm when it


Here’s more that’ll make make you scream …


Couple the “Cold War is over” with …

Hillary’s “Hit the reset button” comedic foreign affairs moment.

Or, Obama’s  “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election” …  hmmm.

Oh yeah, and remember pulling the missiles out of Poland? Nice move.

Or, what about letting the Russians run roughshod over the Ukraine and take Crimea?

Or, their crossing one of Obama’s red lines to prop up Assad …

Perhaps, my memory is failing, but I don’t recollect Dem outrage over Obama’s total lay down.

Geez, was stirred the Dems to wake up to the threat.

It’s not pure politics, is it?

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2 Responses to “Tell me again: When did Dems start thinking that Russia was a threat?”

  1. SJ Says:

    Remember that Joe Biden was the promoter of the ousting of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, which triggered the invasion of Crimea by Putin, where Russia has a strategic naval base. The U.S.-taxpayer-funded National Endowment for Democracy was a key player in the removal of Yanukovych.

  2. SJ Says:

    “Mr. Gershman and his organization [National Endowment for Democracy] played an instrumental role in the February 2014 Ukrainian coup that ousted the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych and sent him packing to Moscow just ahead of a gang of street fighters, who surely would have killed him had he stuck around. In the months before the coup, as Mr. Gershman distributed lavish funds to anti-Yanukovych forces, he wrote a piece in The Washington Post hailing Ukraine as “the biggest prize” in his ongoing democracy project.”

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