What percentage of babies are born on Medicaid?

Make your guess before peeking ….


Medicaid took center stage during the repeal & replace drama … so, I’ve been more alert to Medicaid news.

Let’s put today’s question in context.

According to MSN:

Over the past five decades, Medicaid has surpassed Medicare in the number of Americans it covers.

It has grown gradually into a behemoth that provides for the medical needs of one in five Americans — 74 million people.

For comparison … about half are on employer-based plans and “only” 14% are on Medicare.



Here’s the geographic spread, according to the Kaufman Family Foundation:


Note the heavy Medicaid density in the West … and the relatively light density in the Heartland.


OK, you have your frame of reference: about 20% of Americans on Medicaid.

So, what percentage of babies are born on Medicaid?


The number caught me by surprise …

Again, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation:

Medicaid pays for nearly 50% of all births in the United States.

Think about that for a second …


By state, the lowest percentages are in New Hampshire (27%), Virginia (31%), Utah (31%) and North Dakota (33%).

Medicaid births are a majority in 17 states … with New Mexico (72%), Arkansas (67%) and Louisiana (65%) leading the pack.

Note the heavy density of Medicaid births across the South.



Here is the state-by-state detail … don’t let it obscure the big takeaway:

Almost half of U.S. births are on Medicaid.

That took my breath away…






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