Salute: High praise for garbagemen … really!

Remember when Nancy Pelosi was lauding how ObamaCare was “liberating millions of Americans from the burden of working at jobs they don’t like.”

Simple thesis: just hang on the couch and let taxpayers foot the bill for your food, phone and, now, health insurance.

Why work?



The issue is front & center again.

According to the Washington Post:

“Making (able-bodied) low-income Americans work to qualify for so-called welfare programs is a key theme of the Trump budget proposal … imposing more stringent work requirements — similar to those in effect in Maine and other states.”

Of course, WaPo thinks that’s a bad thing.

Evidence: a couple of heart-wrenching anecdotes of genuinely destitute folks who the Post asserts (wrongly) would be thrown out in the cold.

Memo to WaPo: The plural of “anecdotes” in not “data”.

Right when I  was about to get terminally discouraged (again), I headed out to run some errands.

On the road, my faith in the American spirit was refreshed.


Let me emphasize: it was cold, rainy day.

Miserable weather, for sure.

As I was cruising down the street, a garbage truck stopped in front of me..

Off jumped a dude to dump some garbage into the crusher-truck.

I yelled to him “Hey, thanks for working on such an horrible day.”

He shot back: “No problem, man, it’s my job”.

That exchange has been on my mind.

What motivates that guy?

He’s probably not earning that much, and he’s certainly not basking in prestige..

He’s probably not even in line for any kind of clean, inside work promotion.

He could sit home and wait for the mailman to deliver his government benefits.

But, he doesn’t.

He gets up each morning to bust his hump doing dirty work.


Because that’s his job.

Suffice it to say, that guy has my respect.

I hope he catches a break some day.

* * * * *
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