Great moments in education … really

DC public school “graduates” pre-schoolers.


Yes, I’m a doting grandfather.

My granddaughter Maddie has been attending pre-school at Hyde-Addison Elementary — a DC public school.

Not a a typical DC school since it’s located in Georgetown …

Evidence: Last week, a highly supportive parents’ group arranged for Maddie’s pre-school class to “graduate” in caps & gowns.


My first reaction: It seems like a bit of overkill … but she sure looks cute.

Upon reflection, I think the parents at Hyde-Addison School have hit on a brilliant idea…


I often whine that kids don’t have good role models these days … and that they get “distracting stimuli” that mutes their aspirations.

Kids like to dress up in costumes, but when was the last time that you saw a kid dressed as an astronaut or doctor (or professor).

So, why not dress the kids up as graduates?

Maybe, just maybe, the symbolism will stick to their subconscious … and set their sights on their future graduations.

Let’s start to glorify education again … maybe it will be contagious.

Nice idea, Hyde-Addison parents.



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