Flashback: Even the NYT admitted that ObamaCare had losers, too …

And, those folks reside in the middle class !


Since healthcare (err, make that “health insurance”) is front and center again, I thought I’d dust this one off:

Way back in 2013, the NY Times published an argument defining article titled; Don’t Dare Call the Health Law ‘Redistribution’


I assumed that it would be a typical NYT pro-Obama pitch about how ObamaCare wasn’t a redistribution of wealth … that it was simply a well-intended effort to improve the wasn’t a redistribution of wealth … that it was simply a well-intended effort to improve the health care system by providing universal insurance coverage.

To the contrary.

The article put in black & white the “truth” that, at it’s core, ObamaCare is a wealth distribution scheme with both winners and losers.

OMG, they said it.

Not “like it, keep it with lower premiums” but “winners & losers”

Here are the killer quotes ….

Rebecca Blank, former adviser to Obama:

“A commitment to economic justice necessarily implies a commitment to the redistribution of economic resources”

Note: “necessarily”


MIT Prof Jonathan Gruber – an ObamaCare architect:

“Americans want a fair and fixed insurance market. You cannot have that without some redistribution away from a small number of people.”

Since when is tens of millions a “small number”?


David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign chief:

“We created a sense that everyone can expect to win — nobody has to sacrifice.”

It’s ok because it’s only politics, right?


John Harwood – the article’s author:

Hiding in plain sight behind that pledge — visible to health policy experts but not the general public — was the redistribution required to extend health coverage to those who had been either locked out or priced out of the market.

Now some of that redistribution has come clearly into view.

Yep, now in plain view.


My take: For years, Obama pitched that his plan was the right thing to do and said – either explicitly or by innuendo that every would win except for the fattest of the fat cats – who deserved to lose.

It didn’t turn out that way for millions of middle class folks who saw their premiums and deductibles sky-rocket.

Read the full NYT article

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