Latest honor: The Budweiser ‘Good Sport’ Award

Here it is on the Washington Nationals’ Jumbotron …


And, besides being flashed to the crowd, here’s the bundle of loot that I got …


For being selected as the Designated Driver of the Game (Nats vs. Cubs), I received:

1. A coupon for a free soft drink

2  A MLB licensed Washington Nats cap

3. A Daniel Murphy bobblehead doll

4, A Nats’ logo shopping bag

Retail value of the prizes almost covered the cost of parking

What a hoot…


P,S, Don’t even think of calling me Kenneth …  and , certainly not Kenneth Eugene.



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One Response to “Latest honor: The Budweiser ‘Good Sport’ Award”

  1. Da Cuz Says:

    Ken- I’m your CUZ and I didn’t know you middle name was Eugene- that let the cat out of the bag- congrats on being selected. I’ll drink a beer to that !!!!
    DA CUZ

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