Should lawmakers (and regulators) have to eat their own cooking?

Might induce some genuine empathy and motivate some constructive action.


According to The Atlantic …

As a presidential candidate, Jimmy Carter criticized “exclusive private schools that allow the children of the political and economic elite to avoid public schools that are considered dangerous or inferior.”

When he assumed office in 1977, he did something remarkable:

He enrolled his 9-year-old daughter, Amy, in a predominantly black Washington, D.C., public school.

Amy became the first child of a sitting U.S. president to attend a public school since 1906.

She still is.

Gotta give the man credit for walking the talk.

Former President Obama?

Not so much …


A Dept. of Education study found that students in the nation’s capital that were provided with vouchers allowing them to attend private school made “statistically significant gains in achievement.”

Despite that finding, then President Obama curtailed the program … and turned around and enrolled his daughters in Sidwell Friends – the swank private school of choice for the DC elite.

So, it wasn’t at all surprising that several sources found that many of the Democratic Senators who voted against school voucher advocate Betsy DeVos –- opt out of the public school system and send their off-spring to private schools.

OK, maybe they really thought that DeVos wasn’t as qualified as Obama’s basketball buddy, Arne Duncan, who presided for 7 years over declining test scores and “failing schools” headlines.

Or, maybe their pro-choice inclinations don’t really extend beyond their family & friends when it comes to education.

As the USN&WR opined:

Education politics are big business in America, often pitting institutionalized interests like the NEA against parents and kids.

And, equally unfortunately, there are far too many people who are in a position to right the wrongs who are taking advantage of their ability to opt out of the discussion, at least as far as their own children are concerned.

Where education is concerned there’s one America for the elites, like members of Congress and the President, who send their children to private schools.

And, there’s one for everyone else, the regular people who are seeing the educational dreams they have for their children shattered on the altar of politics.


So, what’s the answer?


My simple remedy:

Let’s force legislation that all members of the Senate and Congress (and their staffs) must enroll their kids in public schools.

Make education reform more personal … less philosophical.

My hunch: less disingenuous lip-service and more practical action.

Then, extend the requirement to the Executive Branch … especially the mucks at the top … and all government employees in the Department of Education.

The latter keep saying that their work is necessary … and beneficial to the education system.

So, let them reap the benefits of their highly compensated efforts.


And while we’re at it, why not extend the principle even further:

Eliminate the ObamaCare provision that allows Congress and their staffs to opt-out.

Better yet, require that all members of Congress and the Executive Branch (and their families) can only draw healthcare from the VA Hospital system … let them see what it’s like to wait several months for an appointment (and maybe die while waiting).


Maybe if the government jabrones (on both sides of the aisle) had to eat their own cooking, they whip up some more palatable dishes for the rest of us.



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3 Responses to “Should lawmakers (and regulators) have to eat their own cooking?”

  1. Charles J Maguire Says:

    Why stop there? How about term limits for all offices and no pension for life for congressman?

  2. Alex Says:

    Yes! And agreed with Charles, above. Oh, and psych evaluations for them before they run for office.

  3. Should lawmakers (and regulators) have to eat their own cooking? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] a similar vein — I said it was one of my hot buttons — in a prior post, I wrote about how our dim-witted government officials put the brakes on school vouchers that would […]

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