How many doctors are women?

…. and, how old is the pool of active doctors?


Even though Congress is punting on healthcare (or maybe because Congress is punting on healthcare), I decided to to get better informed on the topic.

Of course, I like to start with the numbers.

Where better to start, than with the “ 2016 Census of Actively Licensed Physicians in the United States”

Note: Unless noted to the contrary, all data reported below is from this census .

Today, let’s look at physician demographics ….


An aging pool of doctors

The average age Active Licensed Physicians is just a bit over 50 years old.

Older doctors (over 60 years old) are the biggest age group … and their percentage of the overall mix has been increasing.

Bottom line: the pool of doctors is aging as baby boomer doctors “mature”.




How do the numbers break out by gender?


Women doctors are making their presence known.

Nearly a third of all practicing physicians are women.

The gender split is roughly 50-50 among doctors under 40 years old … and among current medical school students.

More than 60% of pediatricians and more than 51% of obstetricians/gynecologists are women. Source





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