GE’s Immelt on leadership …

On his last day as GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt sent a message to all GE employees.


Here’s my key points extract from Immelt’s remarks

Learning is a part of the DNA for all good leaders.

At GE, I never stopped learning.


Here are some of the lessons Immelt said that he learned:


Immelt’s Leasons Learned

1. Set purpose with high standards. Conceptualize the future. Set a high bar and hold people accountable.  Always focus on the important stuff.

2. Make the really tough decisions. Remember, every job or decision looks easy until you are the one on the line. You can’t control events, but you can control yourself.

3. The future comes. The long term is about more than a series of short terms. It is about ideas. Have a “True North” to build the future.

4. Keep perception and reality in sync. Facts without context isn’t truth. Always be transparent, but bring solutions.

5. Act big and small, long and short. The best leaders are versatile thinkers, comfortable with strategy and details. Have a world view that is 10-20 years out.

6. Deputize others. Trust your team. We move fastest when teams are purposeful and empowered.  Organization power should be distributed. Leave a few things “unsaid,” so that others can have the last word.

7. Win in markets, not conference rooms. Customers determine success.  Winning requires doing and not talking. Be willing to experiment and fail.

8. Like the work more than the title. Every day away from the central task is a day off of mission. Purpose and commitment matter.

9. Never give up. As Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the nose.”

10. Lead in the moment. Give fully of yourself.   Top performers — in any field — want do work that matters, and they want to be part of something bigger.  Make a difference for the world you serve.  Help people do their best work together.

Pretty good advice from Immelt.

That’s despite GE’s poor stock performance during Immelt’s tenure as CEO …  stock price is about half the price it was when Immelt took over for Welch …  despite the bull market.





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