Amazon is cornering another market … MBAs.

“Flooding the zone” to land the best & brightest.


Now that Amazon has staked out territory the grocery business, it’s time for them to move on to another front.

According to the WSJ: “Another Thing Amazon Is Disrupting: Business-School Recruiting”


Let’s put that in perspective:

In the past year, Amazon has hired some 1,000 newly minted M.B.A.s in the past year

Amazon is now the top MBA recruiter at Carnegie Mellon, Duke and Cal-Berkeley.

It hires the most first-year M.B.A.s at Michigan, MIT, Dartmouth College and Duke.

Last year, Amazon took in more interns from the University of Chicago than either Bain or McKinsey & Co., which were until recently the school’s top hirers of interns.


How do they do it?


Amazon goes all in with a “flood-the-zone” approach that includes:

Pre-emptive strikes: Snagging some future M.B.A.s before they have taken a single business-school course.

Draft camps: Amazon-sponsors case competitions where MBA students can win prizes … including phat job offers.

Swarm teams: “Amazon’s campus recruiters descend en masse (10 or more at big campus events) and are in almost-constant touch with students

Big bucks: Offers of $120,000 to $160,000 a year are common for MBAs who sign on as senior product managers.


And, the approach is working.

“Wall Street firms and consulting giants, historically the big recruiters of M.B.A.s, are having to adjust to Amazon’s tactics.”

How? By avoiding them.

“Many big banks and consulting firms now want to know when Amazon is coming to campus so they can schedule their visits for a different day and avoid going head-to-head for an audience.”


What’s the lure for Amazon?

According to one Amazon recruiter: today’s MBAs “understand Amazon’s customer-obsessed ethos and tend to be risk oriented, scrappy and analytical.”

Scrap on MBAs …


P.S. My favorite quote in the article came from the dean of Michigan’s b-school who opined about pre-emptive hiring.

Recognizing that hiring students before they take their first MBA class, he “urges Amazon and other avid hirers to refrain from recruiting activities until at least the end of the first week of classes.”


I guess that once you have that first week under your belt, you’re ready for prime time …



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