Odds: I bet you’re a Democrat …

… if your parents were Democrats.

And, I bet if your parents were Republicans, then you’re a Republican.

According to Smithsonian.com

“The party affiliation of someone’s parents can predict the child’s political leanings about around 70 percent of the time.”

That’s pretty good, but “new research suggests ideological differences between partisans may reflect distinct neural processes.”


More specifically, researchers say that they can predict who’s right and who’s left of center politically with 82.9 % accuracy.

Here’s the study and its implications …

The researches monitored brain scans of risk-taking behavior of participants during a gambling experiment.

The researchers found that liberals and conservatives don’t differ in the risks they do or don’t take, but their brain activity does vary while they’re making decisions.

Areas linked to broad social connectedness, which involves friends and the world at large, light up in Democrats’ brains.

Republicans, on the other hand, show more neural activity in parts of the brain associated with tight social connectedness, which focuses on family and country.

Other scans have shown that brain regions associated with risk and uncertainty, such as the fear-processing amygdala, differ in structure in liberals and conservatives.

And different architecture means different behavior.

Liberals tend to seek out novelty and uncertainty, while conservatives exhibit strong changes in attitude to threatening situations.

Liberals are more willing to accept risk, while conservatives tend to have more intense physical reactions to threatening stimuli.

Democrats exhibited significantly greater activity in the left insula, a region associated with social and self-awareness.

Republicans, however, showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala, a region involved in our fight-or flight response system.

Bottom line: “the “research suggests that politics alters our worldview and alters the way our brains process.”

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