How physically fit are folks in your city?

Washington, D.C. rated as “most fit city” for 3rd year in a row.


Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation rates the “fitness” of major metro areas based on a number of health behaviors and environmental factors such as access to parks, recreational facilities and walking trails.

According to this year’s  report, Washington, D.C. topped the list again.




What makes D.C. so fit?

• Lower (than target) percent currently smoking
• Lower death rate for cardiovascular disease
• Higher percent of city land area as parkland
• Higher percent bicycling or walking to work
• More dog parks per capita
• More park units per capita
• More recreation centers per capita

And, my favorite:  More farmers’ markets per capita

Say, what?

D.C.’s score got a couple of dings including  a biggie: Fewer golf courses per capita


Which of the 50 biggest metro areas scored the worst?


At the bottom of the list were Indianapolis, Oklahoma City  and Louisville.



To see why these cities got dinged … or how your city fared … check out the full report … it’s pretty interesting.



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