Northeast states continue to experience a “moving deficit”…

Each year, United Van Lines reports a tally of moves into and out of states,

If a state has more outbound moves than inbound moves, it has a “moving deficit.

The headline for 2017 is no surprise:

Illinois and New Jersey lead the pack with with 63% outbound, followed by  New York (61%), Connecticut (57%) and Massachusetts (56%).


Now, what do those states have in common?

Besides cold weather, they’re states with very high state and local taxes.

So, it’s no surprise that folks are heading for the exits.

And, the data is for 2017.

Imagine what the migration pattern will look like in 2018 now that the SALT deduction has been largely eliminated.


P.S. Only surprise to me is that California is able to to stay put in the “neutral” column … could be the warm weather and scenic views … but, gotta wonder where all the inbounds are coming from.

Hmmm …



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2 Responses to “Northeast states continue to experience a “moving deficit”…”

  1. Paul Says:

    Could be some interesting unintended electoral consequences of migration from blue states to purple and red.

  2. movingmrs Says:

    This is very interesting, I have moved out of NJ, MD, and RI in the past few years. I am currently headed to PA.

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