Russia’s very bad week continues …

As if “meddling” and “sowing discord” weren’t bad enough.

Now, Olympic officials are threatening to strip a a Russian curler – and his mixed-doubles partner wife –  of their bronze medals.


This is noteworthy in a couple of respects.

First, it’s CURLING !

I find that amusing, to say the least.


As the WSJ aptly reported…

There is little known history of doping in curling.

To the naked eye, it isn’t the sort of athletic sport that people normally associate with doping.

But people in the sport say “the notion that a banned substance would be of little use to a curler is a misconception.”

Curlers have become dramatically more physically fit than they used to be. Enhanced strength and endurance is particularly helpful for the sweeper, a role Krushelnitckii often played in the Olympics.

Being 5% to 10% stronger, that translates to more pressure and speed in the brush head, and that could be the difference between a rock going six inches to a foot further than it would otherwise.

In curling, one inch can make a difference.

The endurance required to win an Olympic medal in curling is another incentive to turn to banned substances.

To win the bronze medal, Krushelnitckii and Bryzgalova had to play nine matches in six days.

People don’t realize when they watch it — they see the Olympics and it looks pretty easy— but it’s pretty taxing.

Say, what?


Going a step further, some folks claim the doping scandal is a backdoor validation of the sport’s legitimacy.

For example, Hillary’s former running mate – Sen. Tim Kaine – tweeted that “if participants are doping, then it must be a sport”.


Secretly, Kaine is probably relishing that the Ruskies are getting their just deserts for their “sowing & meddling”.


You can draw your own conclusions ….



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