Students push back on ‘common sense’ safety measures

… because they “infringe on our rights”

According to the NY TImes

Since the Florida school shootings, the state and local school district have taken some steps to provide enhanced security:

The state “set aside $8.5 million for the school district to pay for at least one armed police officer at each school starting in the fall” … and, supplemental Florida Highway Patrol troopers will be deployed to “on alert” schools.

In Broward County, “all schools … will have single points of entry by early 2019.”

“Students and staff will be issued identification badges, which they will be required to wear at all times while in school.”

My POV: This is a good first step, which can eventually beefed up with scannable IDs … or, better yet, RFID trackers.

So far, so good.


Here’s where the rub comes in …


For now, metal detectors and bag scanners are considered too costly,logistically disruptive and ineffective.

Tech note  airports and gov’t buildings seem to think that they work.

But, recognizing that contraband can enter the school in backpacks, the school is requiring that students’ backpacks be clear – exposing their contents.

My POV: The Austin killings should provide a clue – the next shoot “incident” is just as likely to be a bomb as a gun.

Here’s where some vocal students are pushing back arguing their constitutional rights of free speech (huh?) and prohibiting unwarranted searches …  that might surface, say, stashes of drugs or other illicit materials).

In other words, it’s ok to infringe on somebody else’s Constitutional rights (you know, that sticky 2nd amendment thing) … but don’t infringe on my Constitutional rights … that’s going too far.

And, whatever you do, don’t inconvenience me … simply because school safety would be enhanced.

My bet: the backpack program will be shelved … and when the next school “incident” is a backpacked bomb …. everybody will act surprised.


P.S.  While on the topic: At least one school district in Connecticut has forged a working relationship with local police.  In stead of police officers doing their paperwork at the station,  work areas have been set up in the schools where police can do their paper work. Increased police presence with minimal added cost.  Creative idea.

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