What I learned at the beach…

Easing back into the “real” world with a couple of takeaways from beach week…

1) While a dying breed, there are still families.  It’s fun being with your’s … and fun watching other families have fun … especially multi-generational families (<= grandparent bias).


2) I can live without Diet Coke and TV news


A former student really cut the cord at his house. Family watches virtually no TV.  He remarked to me how much more serene things were for his family.

True enough.

Turning off the uncivil partisan bickering had an immediate calming effect.

Try it for a week.

3) The World Cup is awesome.

I’ve always made fun of soccer and its “artistic” nil-nil ties.

Students tried to educate me … one even gave me the book “How Soccer Explains the World”.

At the time, I didn’t buy-in.

But, edged on by my son, I found myself sneaking back to the condo to check the scores,

And, I got engrossed in a couple of the nail-biter upsets.

Aw, the beauty of a nil-nil tie.

I plan to re-read the book in my first retirement summer.

4) That said, nothing beats hours of family games like Boggle, Rummy Cube, Chinese Checkers and Uno with grandkids.

Note to parents and grandparents: you can always act like you let them win… only you know that you just got your butt whomped by a 9-year-old.


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