Tonite: Trump’s SCOTUS pick

Regardless, the end of “legislating from the bench” … at least for a couple of decades

Tonight, President Trump will announce his nomination for the Supreme Court.

The left is understandably in panic mode … but, in my opinion, for the wrong reasons.

News reports say that Trump has narrowed the field to 4 candidates.


Here’s my rundown … and my grand conclusion…


Here are the reported front runners and the knocks against them:

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals: tightly linked to the Bushes and issued a ruling favorable ObamaCare … translation: can’t be trusted (and Rand Paul has already declared a “no vote”)

Judge Amy Coney Barrett from 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals: a practicing Catholic with 7 children … translation: OMG a pro-lifer.

Judge Raymond Kethledge from the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals: not ivy-league trained  and personally boring …  translation: no dirt uncovered,

Thomas Hardiman from the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals: runner-up to Gorsuch; strong rec from Trump’s sister (who serves with him on the 3rd Circuit) … translation: he was the horse to beat in this race.

McConnell says that Kethledge and Hardiman would be the easiest to confirm … and time is of the essence with the midterms looming.

My prediction: it’ll be Hardiman … Trump likes him (and his personal story) and thinks he can trust him.

My personal pick would be Barrett.  But, Catholics are about the only bashable minority left these days and the Roe v. Wade hysteria would reach fever pitch … translation: might be the toughest confirmation.  That’s ok since Trump may get another bite at the apple with a bigger Senate majority when RBG checks out.

Bottom line: Any of the 4 will be fine with me.

And, they’re all young enough that here will be a Constitutionally-inclined majority on the bench for the next couple of decades.

That should effectively end “legislating from the bench” … at least for a couple of decades.


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