CNN: “Trump has no earthly clue what the average person is dealing with day to day”

That’s what Jen Psaki, a CNN political commentator says.

The silly talk (and bias) is getting sillier and sillier.

Here’s the backstory…

At a campaign rally this week, President Trump was pitching the need for voters to show a photo ID.

To illustrate the point, he rattled off a list of places that require IDs: airports, bars, gun shops … and he slipped in: grocery stores.

Obviously out of touch says CNN’s Psaki. Source



Let’s drill down on that, Jen.


During my last trip to my nearby Giant, I was stalled at the checkout.  The lady in front of me was paying by check and she fumbled for a few moments trying to find her (drum roll) photo ID.

Couple of months ago, I bought some Claritan-D at a Safeway.  Since it was a “D” version, I had to produce (and have scanned) my driver’s license (complete with photo).

Ever notice the store signs that warn about IDs required to buy tobacco products and beer (which are sold in many food stores across the country)?

Did you know that some states – in an attempt to put a dent on fraud – require that food stampers produce a SNAP card that has their headshot on it?

Bottom line: grocery stores weren’t the best example, but ….

As former President Obama asked a crowd:

“Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?” NYT

Whole Foods”? Arugula?

Now, there’s a dude who had his finger on the pulse of middle America.

Psaki neglected to counter-point with Obama’s gaffe.

Understandable since she was the White House communications director  during the Obama administration and is still wondering how Hillary lost.

And CNN wonders why its ratings are approaching zero and its no longer a trusted source of news.

See Which TV news source is “most trusted”?

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