Who’s your daddy?

Ancestry DNA tests are delivering some shockers.


Yesterday, we wrote about a relatively common situation: ancestry DNA results that don’t jive with a person’s prior beliefs regarding their race or heritage.

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Let’s open another of Pandora’s DNA boxes today…


The NY Post ran an article titled “My ancestry test revealed a genetic bombshell”.


The women’s story:

The man who raised her and who she presumed was her biological father wasn’t her biological father after all.

So, she went on an ancestry exploration that eventually led to her ‘real’ father.

Technical note: The lady’s conclusion was inferential, not direct.

That is, her presumed father hadn’t submitted his DNA, but enough relatives (of both her and her biological father) had taken the DNA tests to enable a fruitful ancestry hunt that converged on her biological father.

That’s the same way that cops can do ancestry hunts to ID crime suspects.  Just take a DNA sample from a crime scene … submit it for a DNA test … then climb the ancestry trees to close in on a suspect.

According to the Post, this lady’s experience is not unique.

In fact,there’s  a ‘secret’ Facebook community called DNA NPE Friends—NPE is short for “Not Parent Expected”.

The NPE Facebook community is only a year old and is already up to 2,364 members …  despite a rigorous screening process that only admits folks who can prove that they had  “gotten the DNA rug pulled out from under them”.

Think about that for a minute: folks voluntarily taking a DNA test that reports traumatic results … that may or may not be correct.

As we reported yesterday, an independent lab has reported that 40% of ancestry-type DNA test results can’t be verified.

Go figure …


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