Fighting back against the cyber-attackers…

Yesterday, we posted about the Chinese cybersecurity threat.

Coincidentally, the WSJ ran an article: America Goes on the Cyberoffensive


The essence of the article:

Obama-era rules restricting the use of cyberweapons have been rolled-back.

U.S. government hackers will now have more latitude to respond to and deter cyberattacks by adversaries.

Here are some details….


Why the past hesitancy to forcefully retaliate for foreign hacking?

Cyber policy is shaped by a trade-off between deterrence on the one hand and intelligence collection and diplomatic standing on the other.

Translation: Offensive or strong retaliatory actions might  (2) incite adversaries to step-up their hacking activities or (2) expose sensitive sources & methods (e.g. U.S. hacking code), or (3) disturb sensitive diplomatic efforts (think: China)


Why the policy change?

Pretty obvious: the occurrences have become more frequent and the stakes have gotten much, much higher.

And, under Trump, the diplomats have lost clout to the military …. “strategic patience” has been replaced by “confronting the problem”.


So, what’s new?

The U.S. Cyber Command will no longer have its hands tied so tightly.

Foreign cyber-invaders are likely to face fast retaliation … making the U.s. a less attractive target for mayhem.

That said, the challenge is likely to be increasingly daunting!

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