What will be remembered about the Kavanaugh hearings?

Now that the dust has settled a bit, let’s pause and reflect on what happened last week.

I think it’s commonly accepted that no votes were changed … GOP senators will vote ‘yea’; Dems will vote ‘nay’ (save for the couple of Trump-state Dems running for re-election) … and Kavanaugh will fill the vacant 9th spot on the SCOTUS.


Historically, SCOTUS hearings have only 1 or 2 memorable takeaways.

For example, Robert Bork was uncivilly ‘Borked’ … though most people can’t recall the incendiary issue.

Answer: Bork was characterized as being callous to protecting people’s privacy (think: wire taps)

Clarence Thomas was characterized as “Long John Dong” — a misogynist who alleged told dirty jokes in the presence of women.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been cited in every subsequent hearing for the “Ginsburg Rule” that shields judicial candidates from answering hypothetical questions or ones related to cases that may come before the court.

So, what will be remembered about the Kavanaugh hearings?


Here are my nominations  … and my prediction for the lasting memory:

–  Incivility … arguable, the final nail was put in the coffin of Senatorial civility.  Right from the get-go, Dem senators broke decorum with low-card outbursts intended to demonstrate their lemming-like commitment to “The Resistance”.

Open campaigning … In prior hearings, I don’t remember senators grandstanding so blatantly  for their presidential aspirations.

Wide misses … The #NeverKavanaugh folks  shot some poison-tipped arrows  that boomeranged badly.

Take your pick:

(1) The white supremacy Twitter storm … One of Kavanaugh’s aides was accused of flashing a white supremacy hand signal – obviously, an indication of Kavanaugh’s personal inclinations.  (Problem: With two degrees from Harvard and one from Wharton, the Mexican born daughter of a Holocaust survivor didn’t quite fit the white supremacist profile.) Source 

(2) Feinstein’s claim  1.2 million women died in the process of illegal abortions during the 1950s and 1960s (Problem: Her own source puts the number at under 6,000 … too many, but a gross exaggeration  that severely diminishes the claim) 

(3) Harris’ prolonged battering to imply that Kavanaugh had improperly talked about the Mueller probe to lawyers at a Trump-serving law firm (Problem: Sorry, Kamala, the law firm denied the accusation … in writing)

And, my personal favorite:

(4) Booker’s faux ‘I am Spartacus” moment …   Sen. Booker fell on a rubber sword saying that he would violate committee rules and release confidential Kavanaugh emails regarding racial profiling.

It was quickly revealed that (a) the emails had already been cleared for public release … and that (b) in the emails, Kavanaugh argued (in writing) for “race neutral” practices … i.e. he was explicitly against racial profiling.

Booker and his supporters will squeal like pigs when his self-selected Spartacus nickname is used against him in the 2020 election cycle.

That’ll be the lasting memory of the Kavanaugh hearings, and Booker will have only himself (or his staff) to blame.

Makes me sympathize with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

At least she didn’t ask to be called Pocahontas..


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2 Responses to “What will be remembered about the Kavanaugh hearings?”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    No one could possibly refute your “take” – the whole circus should have embarrassed any self-respecting Democrat. And you didn’t even get to include Fienstein’s last ditch “anonymous” bit – absolutely reprehensible.

  2. Ben R Says:

    I think we’ll remember the drunken rape charges

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