A simple, fast way to move forward on the Kavanaugh allegations…

Let’s recap …

The Dems wanted her story told.

GOP said okay. Put it on next Monday’s schedule – public or private.

Dems say: not until a full FBI investigation is conducted.

Say, what?

FBI has already said that’s outside their scope and isn’t going to happen.

So, what to do?


Here’s my idea…


No “investigation” … but FBI interrogation of all 3 named partiesunder oath, of course.

Kavanaugh’s and Judge’s statements can probably be knocked out this afternoon.

Ford shouldn’t take more than a day.

Then, the FBI spends the weekend writing up their report … which they submit to the Judiciary Committee by sunrise Monday.

Committee ponders the report and votes.


Here’s what I like about the idea:

1) Can be reasonably argued that it’s under the FBI’s background check jurisdiction.

2) Isolates Ford from tough questioning by mean senators and a public viewing of her testimony.

3) Documents all of the information that is presently known, i.e. gets Ford’s story out.

4) Can be forwarded to Montgomery County law enforcement who have prosecutorial  jurisdiction.

5) Raises the stakes by getting  everybody under oath!

I like the “under oath” part the best since the Feds seem inclined to prosecute people who fib to them.

My bet: Ford will decline an FBI interview unless it’s conducted under “Clinton Rules”: no notes, no recording, no oath.

Anybody got a better idea?

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2 Responses to “A simple, fast way to move forward on the Kavanaugh allegations…”

  1. Ben R Says:

    When did the FBI say it it outside their scope? The FBI did a (poor) investigation of Anita Hill’s claim. Why not now? Aren’t you interested in knowing if it happened? Wouldn’t you like to know if he is lying about it now? Don’t you want to hear from the third person allegedly in the room? C’mon man, we are talking about the attempted rape of a 15 year old girl

  2. Ben R Says:

    You describe the first step of an investigation. If the attack happened at a party, there are potentially more witnesses. Ford is the one asking for an FBI investigation. The only person who refuses to give evidence is Judge.

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