Avenatti jumps the shark !

Now, we’re moving from the sublime to the ridiculous … or, as Kavanaugh said “The Twilight Zone.”

In a nutshell the accuser – who reportedly holds a security clearance and contracts on-and-off with the government – says that circa 1981, Kavenaugh (and  buddy Mark Judge) spiked party punch bowls causing women to become inebriated and vulnerable to subsequent gang rapes.

She presents no witnesses or corroborators, but knows for sure.


How does she know?


Well, she witnessed this horrendous behavior at 10 separate parties … and, was herself gang raped at one of the parties.

Say, what?

As one tweeter put it:



For the record, none of the other gang rape victims have been identified.


In summary:



To complicate matters even more, the accuser was a college-aged adult attending high school parties with minors.

Say, what?

A couple of legal pundits have already observed that in many states, her actions – an adult witnessing, but  not reporting, minors being sexually abused are themselves committing a crime.

That would be a poetic ending to this case.


And, to put a cherry on the sundae, a former boyfriend reports that he has had to get a restraining order against her … and that “she shouldn’t be believed”.


I think that Avenatti  may have unintentionally helped Kavanaugh with this uber level of ridiculousness


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