Here’s a gut-check question for you …

Let’s personalize the issue-of-the-day.


Consider this scenario…



A police officer comes to you door.

A women has accused your son (or grandson or nephew)  of committing a sex-related offense.

It allegedly happened  a couple of years ago, but the accuser can’t recall the specific year of the offense or the location where the alleged offense took place.

There is no evidence and all identified witnesses have either refuted the allegation or have no memory of it.

Nonetheless, the DA is intending to charge your relative with a sex crime …  establish a permanent legal record that he is a sexual predator … and for all practical purposes, eff up the rest of the boy’s life.

Seriously, now.

Would your reaction be “I believe her” … that’s good enough for me.  Go get ’em.

Let me go out on a limb and speculate that your reaction might be a bit different.

More like…

“Little Billy would never do anything like that.  He has been an angel.  An exemplary citizen.  You can’t convict him of something that he didn’t do.”

Get my point?


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One Response to “Here’s a gut-check question for you …”

  1. Ben R Says:

    If she named my son’s best friend as an eye witness? I’d get him in the room fast.

    This is a new low. Congratulations for supporting rape culture. You are embarrassing yourself and your University.

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