A Never-Trumper asks: Is it too late to get one of those red hats?

We previously posted results of a Rasmussen survey that showed 64% of Republicans are “very angry” about the way that Kavanaugh was treated … and practically all of them are more likely to vote in the midterms than they previously were.


Today, let’s provide some human context to the numbers…


This article caught my eye last week:

I Was A Never Trumper Until Democrats Went Gonzo On Kavanaugh.

It was penned by a guy named Nathanael Blake  – a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.

Yes, he’s a conservative … but, as the title says, he was a devout Never Trumper.

Here are a few poignant snippets supporting his “conversion” :

I didn’t support Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

The concerns I have about Trump – his character, temperament, and propensity to damage America’s cultural and political institutions are still there.

But I am supporting him anyway.


The enormity of the efforts by the Democrats and their media allies to destroy Brett Kavanaugh forced me to reconsider my views.

Democrats have vitiated any claim to possess superior character or temperament and Trump’s policies have been better than I expected.

I now support Trump because the Democratic Party and its media allies are controlled by people who view conservatives not as political opponents to be voted down, but as enemies to be personally destroyed.

Trump will say anything, but Democrats will do anything.


The Republican rejection of Merrick Garland was political hardball; the sliming of Kavanaugh was categorically different and much worse.

The Democrats crossed the line from policy disagreement to personal destruction, and in doing so they nuked any middle ground between themselves and conservative Trump skeptics.

And they put every conservative on notice: You could be next.


The left has embraced mob justice that disdains our culture of due process and the presumption of innocence, and merely disagreeing with the mob provokes its wrath.

(In Portland, and other locales) ordinary people are being targeted for having opinions the mob hates.

This is about self-defense.

And that is why I’ve gone from “Meh” to “MAGA!”


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Most of the people I’ve chatted with recently have said essentially the same thing:

They’re skeptical of Ford’s unsubstantiated claims … and, appalled by how low the Senatorial Dems went in an attempt to destroy a man and his family … and, by mobs breaking down Congressional doors (literally), getting in people’s faces (thanks, Maxine Waters) and threatening people on the streets.

Of course, my sample is biased, but I think it represents a sizable slice of America.

These midterm elections will be very interesting.

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One Response to “A Never-Trumper asks: Is it too late to get one of those red hats?”

  1. LosLobos Says:

    Who can’t help fall in love with a POTUS who praises the chopping up reporters into little pieces?

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