Does anything about this photo strike you as odd?

Below is a picture of the caravan that’s moving from Honduras and Guatemala to the thru Mexico to the U.S. border.

Does anything in the photo strike you as odd?


Let me rephrase the question…


Here’s a more direct question:

If these folks are seeking asylum from corrupt, hostile countries … why do they appear to be proudly marching behind their home countries’ flags?

Though it’s a long walk, it’s not the Olympics, folks.

Shouldn’t they be displeased with their abusive home countries?

If yes, why tout the home flag?


Or, let’s let’s flip the question around.

Here’s an AP photo of the caravan:



They do seem displeased with U.S.

So, why are they trekking all the way to a country that they (or at least some of them) despise?

Wouldn’t it make sense for them to just bunker down in Mexico?

That gives them asylum from their home countries’ abuses and seems to be a close cultural fit in a welcoming (?) country.

Or, if not Mexico, why not Costa Rica?

What am I missing?


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One Response to “Does anything about this photo strike you as odd?”

  1. Ben R Says:

    Let me guess, you are HIGHLY offended when Kaepernick kneels? LOL. These people are fleeing the only home they ever knew. They don’t WANT to go to Mexico (where most will stay) or the United States. Their immigration story mirrors the story of generations of immigrants in this country.

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