“Resisters” now think that it’s not fair to resist … say, what?

Forrest Grump: “What goes around, comes around”


For a couple of years, it’s been in fashion among the established, the elite and the folks on the left to use any method to stymy the Trump agenda.

After all, the end justifies the means, right?

Well now, from Madison,Wisconsin to Paris, France … left-leaning elected officials are being thwarted.


And, many who were touting the graces of the Resist Movement just a couple of weeks ago are squealing like pigs.


Middle class French resisters have taken to the streets in opposition to Macron’s planet-saving gas taxes.

Macron’s empathetic response: “Let them carpool”.

The resisters response: “And while we’re at it, what about our lax immigration laws and 28 other things we don’t like that you’re doing”.


In Madison, the lame duck GOP legislature is enacting laws that limit the authority of the recently elected Democratic governor to overturn initiatives implemented by Governor Scott Walker.

Though that’s been standard fare in politics for decades, the Dems are whining about the unfair practices that ignore the will of the people.


Seriously, didn’t the Resisters realize that their actions were setting precedents that would come back to haunt them?


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