“Shutdown proved the value of government” … say, what?

A blurb in the NY Times caught my eye:

The great irony is that the shutdown only proved the indispensable value of the very government Trump so often expresses such disdain for.”

I hate to resort to facts, but ABC-and the Washington Post teamed up on a  projectable poll in which 18% of Americans said they had been inconvenienced by the shutdown.

Is 18% a big number or a little number?

To put that number in perspective, take the converse of the WaPo finding:

82% of Americans had not been inconvenienced by the shutdown.

That’s less than 1 in 5 … and, it includes the furloughed gov’t employees who have certainly been inconvenienced.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal.

But, the 35-day shutdown did surface a significant pain point: government managed air travel air travel…


The usually crack TSA teams (<= sarcasm) had their ranks reduced by the old blue flu … causing security lines to wind even longer than usual.

And, when the disease spread to air traffic controllers, flights were delayed at major airports.

Note: I don’t blame non-furloughed, deferred-pay employees for feeling a little under the weather.  Kudos to those who stayed healthy and forged ahead, knowing that they’d eventually get paid.

No, denying it … the airport slowdowns were a significant impact for travelers.

But, again, put things in perspective by taking the converse.

What other significant pain points were identified?

There was the threat of delayed tax refund checks, but that “essential function” was staffed up to mitigate that risk.

Which triggers my oft-repeated pain point … the thing that really sets me off … and should be getting more attention.

Rather than “proving  the indispensable value of the  government operations” …

The shutdown highlighted that roughly half of the impacted government  were officially tagged as “non-essential” and furloughed … told to stay home during the shutdown.

Tell me again why these non-essential employees  aren’t told to stay home, period!

Guess that’s the difference between the private sector and government.


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