Nadler calls off Mueller testimony … hmmm.

GOP gambit makes Mueller’s testimony less appealing (to Dems)

After weeks of hyperventilating about the need for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler abruptly cancelled this week’s planned inquisition.


Note: The story isn’t that Trump wouldn’t let Mueller testify – he said it was up to Barr and Mueller.

So, why did Nadler suddenly back off?


Last week, the GOP launched a counter-offensive.

To Dem charges that Barr was acting like he was Trump’s defense attorney, the GOP started recirculating news accounts of Eric Holders classic declaration: “I’m President Obama’s wingman”.

When the Dems – along straight party lines – voted contempt charges against Barr, the GOP reminded folks that Dems walked out in 2012 when the GOP “shamefully” held AG Holder in contempt for failing to provide documents and show up for hearings.

Just seven years ago, however, Nadler joined house Democrats in walking out on the vote that held Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for refusing to turn over to the Republican majority documents about the failed gun-running operation “Fast and Furious.” Source

Most telling, during the Barr contempt debate, Rep. Jim Jordan “pivoted” the discussion to questions raised by Barr about FBI leadership (i.e. Comey, Stryk, Page),  shady FISA warrants. “political surveillance” (i.e. spying on campaigns) … oh yeah, asymmetries between the Trump and Clinton investigations. Video

What’s the point?

I think that Nadler and his Dem cronies finally realized that calling Barr and Mueller to testify is a twin-edged sword.

Sure, they’ll be able to rant & rave and allege that Trump obstructed justice.

But, Mueller ultimately didn’t charge Trump … and is unlikely to testfy that his failure to charge was was an error on his part.

More important, the GOP will – by House rules – get an equal time to question Mueller.

It’s now glaringly apparent that they’ll use their time to rip off the scabs of how problematic the initiation of the Mueller investigation was (“no justifiable predicate”) … and start to relitigate the Clinton case (“Gee, wouldn’t destroying 33,000 subpoenaed emails constitute obstruction?”).

I don’t think Nadler and friends want to give the GOP a public forum for those issues.

So, Special Counsel Mueller … just fuhgeddaboudit.


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2 Responses to “Nadler calls off Mueller testimony … hmmm.”

  1. The worm may have turned… | The Homa Files Says:

    […] News & Views on Marketing, Economics & Politics « Nadler calls off Mueller testimony … hmmm. […]

  2. Fred Says:

    Now we know the cause of the delay. It turns out Mueller would prefer to testify in private. Nadler and dems prefer he testify publicly. Trump is begging witnesses to ignore subpoenas. Mueller wrote at least one angry letter to Barr for twisting the report’s findings. It requires severe cognitive dissonance to believe it is democrats trying to torpedo the Mueller investigation.

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