I’m hacked at Fox News …

For disrespecting a veteran’s organization.


First, a bit of background.

I don’t trust most charities — especially the larger ones that invariably waste money on executive perks or glitzy marketing campaigns instead of their primary missions.

So these days, I channel the bulk of my donations to healthcare organizations run by well-intentioned nuns and small veteran’s groups run by true believers.

One of my current favorites is the Catch A Lift Fund (officially,the Christopher Coffland Memorial Fund, 27-3901149).


In their words: “The Catch A Lift Fund has helped thousands of post 9/11 combat wounded veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs and a peer support network.”

Over 90% on donations go directly to support CAL’s mission, which has a track record on undeniable success helping to rehabilitate injured vets.

So, what’s my beef with Fox News?


Last Sunday, Fox & Friends scheduled a segment featuring Catch A Lift.

Four vets — severely wounded in war and now benefitting from CAL — flew in to tell their stories  and demonstrate their fitness by challenging the Fox hosts to a series of physical exercises.

A noble intent.

But, Fox ended up bums-rushing the segment to a measly 2 minutes.

So, 3 of the vets weren’t even introduced … all were hurried through their physical feats … and, the audience was left wondering “what was that all about?”

Fox’s explanation: Trump’s unexpected trip to the Korean DMZ used up too much air time and they had no choice.

Or, did they?

I went back over my recording of the show.

Segments that got more time than CAL were promo segments on a new BBQ book (<= just what America needs) … and the upcoming Professional Cornhole Championship Tournament (<= not on par with La Coupe du Monde des Femmes)

Are you kidding me?

Fox claims to support veterans, but when the rubber hits the road, they slot them after BBQ and Cornhole.

That’s disrespectful and why I’m hacked at Fox.


If you want some 4th of July inspiration, take a moment to watch this short Catch A Lift video.

Warning: Have a Kleenex in hand, it’s appropriately  emotional.


Again, it’s the Catch A Lift Fund (officially,the Christopher Coffland Memorial Fund, tax ID 27-3901149).


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