So, how much did each U.S. player earn for winning the World’s Cup?

Lots of chatter about soccer’s gender gap in earnings … most of the analyses I’ve read are pretty confusing … lots of apples being compared to oranges.

So, let’s step back and ask a more basic question: how much did each of the women players earn for winning Le Coupe du Monde Femme?


Let’s work through the numbers…


According to documents obtained by The Guardian, the USWNT’s contract guarantees a player  $3,000 for each qualification game they win.  Those are the games that were played just to get to Paris.

The team won 5 qualifying games … so each player earned $15,000 … plus a $37,500 for qualifying for the World Cup.

Players making  final US World Cup roster earned a separate $37,500 bonus.

And, each player received $110,000 bonus for winning  win the World Cup.

So, that totals to $200,000 per player.


The USWNT’s contract reportedly includes an agreement that each player be paid $60,869 for a four-game victory tour if the team wins the World Cup.

They did … so, bump the total to $260,869.

I know I’m old school, but that strikes me as more than chump change..


P.S. In this year’s Women’s World Cup, 24 teams competed a share of $30 million in prize money from FIFA.

Note: FIFA’s prize kitty for the 2018  Men’s World Cup was $400 million in 2018.  More than 10 times the women’s prize pool.  

For winning the tourney, the US women’s team received $4 million of the $30 million prize from FIFA.

About 2/3s of the prize winnings went to the 23 players (i.e. their $110,000 victory bonus).


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