“I’m not familiar with FusionGPS” … say, what?

Yep, being retired, I watched most of Mueller’s testimony live yesterday.

I agree with David Axlerod’s assessment: painful.

This morning, I flipped between CNN and MSNBC.

Their storyline: Great fodder for the impeachment cannon … poor optics … Republicans were disrespectful to Viet Nam war vet.

But, even they were admitting that Dems – who were reportedly aware of Mueller’s “challenges – share “some” blame for contriving yesterday’s sad spectacle.


Here are my morning after takeaways…


1) Who was running the investigation … and who wrote the report?

Clearly, it wasn’t Mueller … so it must be Weissman … the guy who put 10,000 Arthur Anderson employees out of jobs in a prosecution that was overturned by the SCOTUS 9 to 0 … and, who reportedly cried at Hillary’s expected victory party.

Seriously, does anybody slot that as fair and just?

2) Comey was a nut that didn’t fall far from the tree.

Remember when Comey listed Hillary’s many legal and policy infractions … and then issued her a “stay out of jail free” card.

In many respects, that’s exactly what Mueller (err, Weissman) did.

Both violated longstanding prosecutorial policy that you don’t air “dirt” about a suspect that you don’t charge.

Mueller took it a step further with his indefensible “not exonerated” statement.

3) What exactly was Mueller’s “purview”?

That was fraught with contradictions during the day.

My favorite: Don, Jr.’s 20-minute meetings with the Russian lawyer was with the purview, but her meetings with the Dem-sponsored FusionGPS CEO the day before and day after were outside his purview.



Most interesting is how different the slant is on the cable news channels.

There really are 2 universes.

Be sure to tune into the one you don’t agree with and you’ll see what I mean.


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