Did Trump spur a Baltimore clean-up?

Last week — following Trump’s tweet calling out Baltimore — we reminded readers that:  Once upon a time, Baltimore was thriving…

Noting former mayor William Donald Schaefer’s positive leadership and attention to detail, concluded:

imagine a mega-initiative to clean-up the inner city — haul away the garbage (and maybe some of the rats).

Hire Baltimore’s notorious squeegee boys (and other unemployed residents) to attack the problem.

It wouldn’t fix all of Baltimore’s problems, but it would be a conspicuous step forward.


Well, the city administration didn’t rally the notorious squeegee boys (nor anybody else, as near as we can tell).

But, some people did step up…


According to Baltimore’s WBAL TV:

“Hundreds of volunteers participated in a massive cleanup in west Baltimore, inspired by the president’s twitter attack last week on Baltimore.”

Nearly 300 volunteers showed up with a truckload of garbage bags, rakes and glove and began cleaning up one of the neighborhoods on the west side.

They removed a toilet, chairs, tables and spare tires, among other things, from piles of trash in a west Baltimore alley.

They hauled out 12 to 14 tons of trash, including three complete dumpster loads.

The volunteers completely cleared out what was an impassable alley “making a real difference and a real dent in the condition of the neighborhood.”


Here’s the kicker…

According to WBAL:

Most of the volunteers don’t live in the neighborhood.

Many of them live in other states, such as Ohio and North Carolina.

Nearly all of them heard about the cleanup from Scott Presler, the organizer.

Presser is a grassroots conservative activist who ardently supports President Trump.

The cleanup was attended, in large part, by supporters of President Donald Trump



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