Screen time: Seniors complain about youngsters, but…

Nielsen study upends conventional wisdom.


Many parents and grandparents fret that  today’s youth (i.e. their kids) are screen-obsessed.

But, according to a Nielsen study channeled by The Economist, when all screens are accounted for, it’s older folk who seem most addicted.


Let’s break down the numbers…


Older folks spend about 10 hours per day in front of a screen; younger folks spend about 7 hours.

In recent years, younger folks have increased “screen consumption” by about an hours; older folks have have increased screen time by 2 to 3 hours.

Of, course, the mix of screens has changed.

All age groups are spending more time staring at their smartphones.

For younger folks, smartphone usage has been partially offset by a decrease in TV time.

For older folks, TV usage has stayed about the same … but an increasing layer of smartphone time has been added.

Seniors tend to discount their high level of TV time arguing that the TV is just on in the background or that they’re just watching news or sports (as if those TV hours shouldn’t count).

Bottom line: We’re all spending too much time staring at screens instead of interacting with each other.


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