Why some millennials are fleeing the cities…

In a prior post, we reported  that census numbers are showing signs that urban millennials are starting to flee to the suburbs … and beyond.

According to the WSJ …

For the fourth consecutive year, U.S. census figures have shown that thousands of millennials and younger Gen Xers are leaving big cities.

Since 2014 an average of about 30,000 residents between 25 and 39 have left big cities annually.


Not exactly a groundswell … but, perhaps, an early indicator of the “next new trend for workers with mobile jobs: moving to a small town to improve our quality of life.”

A commentary in the weekend WSJ breathed some life into the trend…


Journalist Liz Farmer reflected on her family’s move out of the city … here are some snippets:

We moved beyond the suburbs so that we can breathe free, park without worry and enjoy a parade.


Raising a small child in a major metro area can be grueling.

Paying for child care is like taking out a second mortgage.

Weekend activities often require far more planning than they’re worth.


We now live in a house that could swallow our old house whole.

Perhaps most important, we have psychological as well as physical space.

I don’t wonder if I’ll find a parking spot at the grocery store or movie theater.

While playing in our backyard, I don’t feel hemmed in by trees and roof lines.

I look up and feel the wide expanse of the open sky.


The seasons actually change here.

The mountainsides are awash in fall colors.

In the winter, the snow creates a quiet, white blanket over the land and stays around to be enjoyed instead of melting into dirty sidewalk slush.

In the spring and summer, the fields come to life again.

Her bottom line: Once people get here, the speed and intensity of city life loses its hold over them.

The fly-in-the-ointment: commuting time for people anchored to urban-located jobs.

Of course, as the original Grandma Homa used to say: “Life is an endless series of trade-offs”

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