New evidence: Screen time makes you grow older faster…

For sure if you’re a fly… quite possibly if you’re a human.

Excerpted from Fast Company

You probably already know that staring at the blue light beaming from a smartphone or computer screen might damage your eyesight.

Here’s some worse news…


A new study suggests that long exposure to blue light could be doing some more fundamental damage: making you age faster.


More specifically…

In the study, researchers looked at what happened to fruit flies that were exposed to 12-hour stretches of blue LED light each day.

The light damaged both eye cells and brain cells in the flies and impaired the flies’ ability to move around their enclosures.

It also shortened their lives compared to other flies that lived in complete darkness or those that were exposed to light with blue filtered out.

Whoa, Nellie.

Yeah, but you’re not a fly, right?

Well, according to the researchers:

Flies are not humans, but the cells work the same way.

The genes that protect cells from stress are upregulated or very active in blue light.

That means after 12 hours of blue light, they have high activity, which is telling us that the cells are under stress.


I may turn off my computer after writing this post.

Or, maybe not.


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