Test: Can you find Ukraine on a map?

And, if you can, can you name its neighboring countries?

OK, here’s a map of Eastern Europe.

Stick a pin in Ukraine…


And, the answer is …


Should be a relatively easy question since the Ukraine is well known as bordering Russia… and, folks should be able to identify Russia, right?


My bet: the vast majority of Americans can’t find Ukraine on a map … even those in the impeachment brigade.


OK, let’s take it up a notch…

In addition to Russia, 6 other countries border Ukraine, spot them on the map… or at least name them.



And the answer is …

The 6 countries (besides Russia) that border the Ukraine are:

  1. Moldova
  2. Romania
  3. Hungary
  4. Slovakia
  5. Poland
  6. Belarus


My bet: fewer than 1% of Americans can name 3 or more of the countries, let alone spot them on a map:

How did you do?


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One Response to “Test: Can you find Ukraine on a map?”

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