Reading minds to discern intentions…

An opinion piece by Sharyl Attkisson in The Hill titled “Democrats can read minds” crystalized something that’s been bothering me for awhile.

Remember when IG Horowitz outlined 17 (or more) mega-errors in the FBI FISA process.

Though all of the miscues were material and in the direction of securing warrants to surveil Trump campaigners, Horowitz asserted that he didn’t have testimonial or evidential proof (i.e. “smoking guns”) that the “mistakes” were the result of political bias.

Said differently, Horowitz refused to draw a conclusion re: motivation because “I can’t read minds”.

Fair enough.

The current FBI / FISA situation was reminiscent of Comey’s press conference re: Hillary’s transgressions…


After dishing a laundry list of transgressions (e.g. Bleach-bitting over 30,000 subpoenaed emails), Comey claimed that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges” because he — and other prosecutors — couldn’t prove intent. Maybe Hillary’s actions were just “innocent” mistakes.

Since Comey claimed that he couldn’t read minds, Clinton walked.


But, there’s a contrary case…

During the Schiff / Nadler fiasco, multiple layers of hearsay, inference and presumptions were deemed enough to vindicate Biden and impeach Trump.

According to Dems, it’s patently obvious that Biden did nothing wrong.  It was strictly an innocent  coincidence that a corrupt company was paying son Hunter a million dollars. It had nothing to do with bribery and influence pedaling.

Sleepy Joe wouldn’t do that.

But, when it came to Trump, even though there wasn’t a scintilla of hard evidence presented, it was crystal clear that Trump was pushing around the Ukrainian president to upend the 2020 election.

How could the Dems be so certain?  So certain that they need to impeach?


As Attkisson handily discerned “Democrats can read minds”.



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