Why the Senate won’t be hearing additional witnesses…

OK, it’s coming down to whether or not to call witnesses.

My take: No way.

For many reasons, the GOP will stick together and, by majority vote, the Senate won’t call additional witnesses.


Here’s my thinking….


First, I conclude that the claim “70% of Americans want more witnesses” is total BS.

I tuned to MSNBC for part of the Senate hearings and Andrea Mitchell inadvertently broke the code.  She started saying “70% want witnesses” … then corrected herself to say “70% of those who are paying attention to the proceedings”. Bingo! Nobody is watching … and 70% of nobody is nobody.


The Dems have more to lose than the GOP. For sure, Hunter will be called … and maybe Papa Joe. Damage to Joe will be greater than damage to Trump. Everybody understands that Hunter’s million dollar take reeked of corruption.

The Dems have an obvious recourse. If the majority votes down witnesses, the Congress always has the option of reconvening the impeachment inquiries, subpoena the docs and testifiers, appeal to the courts and proceed with Impeachment Version 1.1.  After all, the Honorable Maxine Waters says they plan to initiate additional impeachment inquiries regardless.

Even if Bolton testifies that Trump linked the military aid to the investigations, the outcome won’t change … Trump will still be acquitted since there’s a reasonable case that it was legit to investigate the Bidens’ glaring corruption.

“Vulnerable” GOP Senators have no upside voting for more witnesses. Sure, Trump-haters will hate them if they vote “no witnesses”.  But, they already dislike them and will punish them anyway when Trump is acquitted. Conversely, the backlash at the polls from Trump supporters,  will be more than the punishment from Trump-haters.

The precedent of turning the Senate into the investigative body for impeachments is colossal. Hence forth, any Congress will be able to turn over weak and incomplete cases and the Senate will be forced by precedent to sleuth out the cases.

The investigative proceedings will take months, not days … tying the Senate from their leisurely other duties. Do Romney, et. al., really want to commit the Senate to a couple of more months of full work days?


Put it all together and I’m betting the under on witnesses.

We should know tonight.


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