Romney touted his deep Christian values …

But forgot to mention how much he hates Trump.


Romney’s “guilty” vote should have been expected.

Listening to his near tearful rationalization of his vote, my mind immediately flashed back to his 2016 unforced diatribe against Trump.

Though Romney wasn’t a presidential candidate at the time, he felt it was his moral responsibility to give a speech to call out Trump.


In a nutshell Romney opined: “Trump is a phony and a fraud lacking the temperament or judgement to be President” and “If his economic plans are implemented America will go into a deep recession.”

He could have stated his deep Christian assessment more simply as: “I hate Trump.”

I thought he was warming to Trump when he groveled for the Secretary of State job.

When Trump rejected him, the die was cast.

Revenge was certain … it just needed an opportunity.

Imagine how frustrating it was for Romney hear Trump recount his many presidential accomplishments during the State of the Union.

Well, Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler provided the opportunity … and Romney took it.

His vote really didn’t matter other than depriving Trump the chance to use the phrase “on a strictly partisan vote”.

It’ll be interesting to see how long his moral courage will be touted by the Dems who previously called him a racist, misogynist, animal abuser and corporate looter.

My bet: He’ll be a quickly fading Dem hero … hours or days … not months or years.

Romney is trying to claim the mantle that Comey forfeited as as America’s self-proclaimed moral arbitrator.

My question to him: When did hate become a Christian value?


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