No wonder that I’m always looking over my shoulder…

Forbes reported an MIT study that ranked cities by how liberal or conservative they were.


Of course, San Francisco topped the list.

Which other cities made the top 10?


In reverse order, here’s the Forbes/MIT list of the 10 most liberal cities:

10. Baltimore

9.  Buffalo

8.  New York City

7.  Detroit

6.  Minneapolis

5.  Boston

4.  Oakland

3.  Seattle

2.  Washington, DC

1.  San Francisco

Only surprise to me was Buffalo. What’s up with that?

No surprise that I’m living in a liberal hotbed.

Let me clarify: it may be surprising that I’m living in a liberal hotbed, but not surprising that where I’m living is a liberal hotbed.

No wonder that I’m wound tight…


Reminds me: My only takeaway from Psych 101 was a study done on paranoids.  Turned out that over 80% of the paranoids studied did, in fact, have someone after them.


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