Finally, legit reasons for testing…

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been asking:

Since doctors say that  the treatment for symptomatic patients is the same whether a patient tests positive or negative for coronavirus, why all the fuss over test kits?

Over the weekend, I finally gleaned answers to my question.

Note: I use “gleaned” since no “experts” seem willing to explicitly say so


1. Patients who present as symptomatic — but test negative — can be sent home to sleep off the flu rather than being admitted to a scarce hospital bed.

The consensus seems to be that roughly 90% of symptomatic patients who are tested are negative for coronavirus.

For them, self-quarantine is sufficient.

It makes sense that they be tested off-site (say, in a drive-thru testing site … and kept clear of doctors’ offices and hospitals.


2. Healthcare personnel who treat coronavirus-infected patients need periodic testing to protect themselves and others.

By definition, these heroes of the fight are constantly exposed.

If they get infected, they deserve the benefit of immediate care …  and, should be isolated


That said, we need to ID the hidden carriers — the asymptomatics who are infected.  That calls for a broadscale, rapid test.


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One Response to “Finally, legit reasons for testing…”

  1. terry kaufmann Says:

    DUH. This was obvious a month ago. East Asian template is crystal clear

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