Giddy-up: Vatican offers fast passes into heaven…

Or, you can call them “stay-out-of-hell (nearly) free cards”

Headline, Vatican City:

Pope forgives sins of those impacted by coronavirus.


There are some conditions that must be met.

Do you qualify?


Vatican City (Yahoo News):

Last week, the Catholic Church (i.e. The Pope) granted forgiveness — under certain conditions — for the sins of the faithful impacted by the novel coronavirus.

The decree (which carries the force of Church doctrine) covers:

  • Persons stricken with COVID-19
  • Healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients
  •   Relatives who care for their sick family members.

Don’t fret if you’re not in one of those categories … there’s a big loophole!

The decree also sweeps in “those who pray for the wellbeing” of the above covered groups.

Of course, there are some conditions that must be met.

The sick must say a certain (but unspecified) number of prayers or “follow important celebrations from a distance”.

Those who want to qualify under the “pray for” option must also read the Bible daily “for at least half an hour”.

The decree was silent on whether both past and future sins are covered … or just past sins.

You might want to check on that with your local priest.



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